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Commitment to Clients

Our company does its utmost to ensure the client's needs are met.  We will endeavour to commit to the following:

  • Observe how conditions affect the senior client and recognize changes that may occur and report and record information relevant to the client's care.

  • Provide service plan sumamries to ensure all personnel involved in your care has all the information necessary to provide the most appropriate care in an individualized manner.

  • Provide Home Support Workers who are compatible with the client.

  • Provide support and care to make a difference in the client's life as well as lives of the families of the client.

  • Delegate Home Support Workers for certain needs such as oxygen therapy, stroke care, as well as medication and insullin administration.

  • Carefully hand-pick our Home Support Workers to suit the individual needs.  Workers are screened before employed with the company.  All workers must provide a Letter of Conduct within the prior six months, a medical stating their ability to perform the job mentally and physically, 2-step TB tests, 1st Aid Certificate as well as interview and at least three checked references.  

  • Ensure continuous client-worker satisfaction by visiting homes of clients or making phone calls regularly to gather feedback on the services being provided.  As well we have open communications with staff to listen to their input or concerns.  Scheduling of services are made to ensure the client will receive care individualized to the client's needs.

  • Provide 24-hour care, 365 days of the year whether long-term care (more than 60 days) or short-term care (less than 60 days).  If in the case a worker is unavailable for a shift, we provide fill-in workers if the client wishes.  

  • Provide an initial home assessment where we talk to the client or a family member about the client's needs or issues and from there we select a HSW who we feel would be compatible with the particular client.  From there we have a "Meet and Greet" where the client has an opportunity to meet the HSW, thereby giving the client the opportunity to accept or reject the worker.  We also assess if the client may benefit from other needs such as OT therapy, medical devices, counselling, problem solving or even referral to government agencies which might better meet their needs and follow up with a report or a request in to the client's social worker.   This will help provide the client with the necessary medical and non-medical services which might be implemented in the comfort of the client's own home.

  • Services that include home management, personal care and behavoural support as well as respite or companion care.

  • Provide clients with community access with worker's who have been preapproved by their insurance to carry passengers.

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