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  • Is the agency recognized by the Government of Newfoundland and managed locally?

Yes.  The agency has been approved to operate in the Province of Newfoundland and we are owned by a local lady, Tracy Coombs who was born in Port De Grave and now resides in Upper Island Cove where the office is presently located.

  • What is the process for receving services from the agency?

In the case of government funded services, a social worker would assess each client on an individual basis and determine the amount of hours and the amount of the client contribution dependent on T4's and personal income status.  This would be followed by a referral sent to the agency which would then do a home assessment to determine what worker would best meet the client's individual needs.  A 'meet and greet' with the potential worker would be set and if the worker is satisfactory, scheduling of hours would be arranged to best meet the client's needs.

  • Can I refuse a worker or make a change if I am not comfortable with the worker?

CCHA makes every effort to ensure the client has the most capable worker for the client and will work with the client to ensure the services are satisfactory by endeavouring to put a worker in place that will be acceptible for the client.

  • Do you have a trained nurse on staff and are the workers trained?

CCHA has its own nurse on staff and workers are appropriately trained for the individual client's needs.  CCHA provides in-home training for their employees and encourage workers to avail of any courses which may enhance their skills and qualifications.  First Aid/CPR is mandatory for all workers.

  • Can I reach the agency in the case of emergencies or after hours?

CCHA  is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  In the case of a circumstance where you connect to an answering service, someone will get back to you within a short period.  

  • Do you offer private paying services?

Yes.  We  provide services to private paying clients.  Invoices are sent bi-weekly and payments can be made by cash, cheque or credit card payment.

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